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B.A. Landscape Architecture

Julia Wilson

I’m writing this in my bedroom in my parents’ house; my dad is on the phone downstairs and my mom is trying out her latest quarantine activity (this time it’s baking bread!). I’m writing this and I’m so far away from all of you: my friends and adopted family.

So, we’re graduating, which means that a bunch of us will be dispersing into the ether: Florida, Hawaii, New York, and maybe even Berlin. All places far away from Wurster’s third floor studio, the only home we’ve known for the last few years, not knowing the next time we’ll see each other. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’ve always thought that letters are the best way to stay in touch when the people you care about are far away, so I’d like to start our lifelong correspondence with this letter.


When I think about Berkeley and landscape, the first thing that comes to mind is Chip’s laugh. The second is the group drawing we created in our first studio class.

group drawing we created in our first studio class

Remember the first day of LA101? Paul had us tell everyone why we chose landscape architecture and each of us in our super original answers said, “well, I like art and I like nature, so landscape architecture was the perfect mix of both!” We all started at the same place and look at us now:

Lulu educating us on social issues, Mina’s research on persian carpets, and none of us can forget Sophia and her wonderful but also terrifying monsters. Learning from all of you was the best education I ever got, but I still have so many questions. Mainly the one Wendy asked at the end of LA102 final review, “Is man made of wood or is the boardwalk made of flesh?” I think about that question at least once a week.

Passion takes you farther than apathy 100% of the time‒ that’s my main takeaway from our program. We nerded out together and pushed each other to be better. Daphne, Kylie, and Mina won Geraldine Knight Scott Travel Fellowships, Cody and Eric won the TGIF grant to build a bioswale, and Wendy has an incredibly popular webcomic page. It’s easy to forget everything we’ve done, but I want to remind all of you that you should be proud of yourselves and what you’ve accomplished.

You guys have been my closest friends, confidants, and critics. You’ve seen every side of me and tolerated my constant rants about universal design and comic books. We’ve been through it all together and I’m grateful for it all: the late nights, the post-review meals at Freehouse, the stress, the art, and most of all the people. I’m so, so grateful for you all.

I guess it’s “bye” for now, but it won’t be forever. I’m sure we’ll see each other again. Just as I’m sure of Eric falling asleep in class - again.

Stay in touch.

Much Love,